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Jan 4, 2023 — This United States government computer system is provided for the collection of the single audit reporting package and form SF-SAC as required …

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Oct 21, 2022 — Distribute single audit reporting packages to federal agencies. Support OMB oversight and assessment of federal award audit requirements.

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The ability to search on Audit Type (Single Audit, Program-Specific Audit, … Guidance are available to the public on the Federal Audit Clearinghouse’s …

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If you need assistance, please contact the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) via e-mail or call 866-306-8779. Version:

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Oct 21, 2022 — Single audit form data submitted to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse. USASpending.gov. Tracks federal grants and contracts.

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Oct 21, 2022 — The password link does not work, or takes me to the wrong page. The website says my e-mail is already in the system, but I cannot log in.

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Instructions and Documents

Single Audit Checklist, Instructions, and Form … Federal Awards 2016-2018, Federal Awards Audit Findings 2016-2018, Federal Awards 2019-2022 …

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Federal Audit Clearinghouse – Ask a Question

Oct 21, 2022 — Federal Audit Clearinghouse Contact. Form SF-SAC and Reporting Package submission, contact us via: E-mail; Phone at: 866-306-8779.

Data Collection Form on Reporting for Audits – GSA

Data Collection Form on Reporting for Audits | GSA

Form has been replaced with the Federal Audit Clearinghouse’s (FAC) Internet Data Entry System (IDES), availble at https://harvester.census.gov/facweb/.

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Dec 22, 2022 — At the direction of OMB, GSA will become the new FAC repository of record, beginning as early as spring 2023 with collection of Single Audit …

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